Hello friends! My name is Adam Williams-Walters and I am a song writer, musician, artist, teacher, writer, animator and video creator from Ottawa, Canada.

For 5 years I taught ESL in South Korea, in a public elementary school. There, while teaching 40 hours a week, I spent almost all of my free time writing, recording, creating, and animating the songs, resources, characters, stories, and cartoons that you will find here on English Tree TV.

All of my music videos are 100% free on my official YouTube channel.

If you have found these videos useful, I humbly ask you to Share my work on YouTube with others, to hit Like, and to continue Watching on the official YouTube channel. I’d love to hear from you, too, so feel free to drop me an email anytime at englishtreetv@gmail.com You can also leave a comment on one of my videos!

You can stream my music videos outside of YouTube, too.

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Kidoodle: www.kidoodle.tv

If you have any feedback, suggestions, requests, or constructive criticism, I would love to hear it, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Most of all, thank you. Thank you for supporting this work and I hope I can continue to serve you in bigger and better ways in the years to come.