My name is Adam and I'm a musician, artist, writer, animator, and English teacher from Ottawa, Canada. I've been teaching English at a public elementary school in South Korea for 5 years now. I really hope you've been able to enjoy the work available here at English Tree TV! I've spent almost all of my free time over the last 5 years creating these resources. Countless hours of hard work and love went into creating all of this content, by myself alone. If you feel you've benefited from English Tree TV's hard work and 100% Free content, I have a simple request; please don't forget to Subscribe to the English Tree TV YouTube channel, and continue to Watch, Share, Like, and Comment on our videos on the YouTube site!  I hope this work has brought lots of joy to you, your family, or your students, and I hope that you can do the same for others. Thank you so much!


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